Skadet? Sådan holder du dig i form

Er du skadet, så hold dig i gang. Træner du i kortere tid med din sædvanlige intensitet, kan du holde formen længe

Med alternativ træning kan du opretholde din præstationsevne, mens du er skadet Foto: Colourbox

Så hurtigt mister du formen

Stopper du fuldstændigt med træne, there will only be a couple of weeks before your stamina is noticeably reduced. Men you can do much to keep the shape while you're hurt.

All sports people have tried to drop the training for a period or train less than normal. It can be due to work pressure, injury, illness or something else.

Mange oplever i denne situation en overvældende angst for at 'tabe formen'.
Er måners eller års træning spildt? Man kan næsten ikke mærke, hvordan formen forlader kroppen gang for gang ...

Bevar roen - og træn mindre

Heldigvis mister man ikke formen så hurtigt - det er videnskabeligt bevist. So bevar roen - especially if you've been hurt. Otherwise you can worsen the situation considerably to yourself and multiply the time needed before you are ready to train 100 percent.

I have regularly seen experienced athletes neglected advice from doctors, physiotherapists and coaches because they want to keep a weekly mileage or avoid losing training days - for the "must" be ready for some competition. They run a disproportionately high risk of aggravating the injury while at the same time the gain of continuing training is minimal. It is often a pause in a few days to get the injury to go again.

In fact, I think that regular periods of training or reduced exercise should be part of any athlete's training plan, because in the long run it increases performance, increases motivation and reduces injury risk.

Hold dig i bande

When we investigate the consequences of a training break, we must distinguish between complete training and reduced training. The ability of the player to perform much faster at a complete end of training than if you continue with a reduced amount of training or if you continue to workout.

Fuldstændigt træningsstop:

Stopper man helt med træne, går kun 12-15 dage før præstationsevnen er faldet betydeligt. It is especially beyond the endurance, that is, the ability to last for a long time at a slightly lower speed. For eksempel vil præstationsevnen på maraton falde mere markant end på en 5 kilometer løbekonkurrence.

May man limit the period to only one week, it does not significantly deteriorate, unless other factors are in play: Disease with fever, weight loss or virtually no movement because one lies in bed.

Something suggests that the more well-trained you are, the longer you are able to maintain the level of a number of factors of importance to performance. There goes many months, maybe years before a well-trained athlete has lost all the benefits of having been in shape and having level as a beginner.

Nedsat træning:

If you just look a little, it looks like you can keep your form and performance long. A series of classical studies conducted at Hickson showed, for example, that a group of running and cycling subjects could maintain their performance for 15 weeks, measured both at a high intensity test lasting 5-6 minutes (equivalent to 1-2 km run) , and ved en udholdenhedstest på 2-3 timer.

Afgørende for oprethold af formen var at testpersonerne kunne træne med den intensitet (f.eks. Udtrykt som hastighed eller pulsniveau), som de normalt gjorde. It was shown that they could reduce the training to one third of the normal measured in number of minutes per minute . træning eller antal træningsture pr. week, without having been worse after 15 weeks.

However, their performance significantly reduced if they reduced their intensity and thus ran or cycled more slowly than usual, regardless of whether they were training for as long and as often as they used. Especially on endurance tests, the test subjects became worse.

Hicksons studie blev udført på forsøgspersoner, der ikke var særligt veltræede. Other studies of well-trained competitors show that they can maintain the form at least 3-4 weeks, even though they train only approx. en tredjedel af den afstand, de plejer. Again, it is important to maintain the intensity of training.

Alternativ træning

I know that there are essentially no studies that investigate the effect of doing alternative training instead of, for example, på løbræne, mine erfaringer er soleklare:
Man can maintain my performance ability if you train alternatively when injured. Many elite players can perform at the best of their best even a short time after a break if they have trained alternatively.

Træningsformer, der supplerer hinanden godt, is: Running, running in water, cycling, spinning, mountain biking, swimming, crosstrainer, step machine, roller skating, roller skating, inline skating, rowing, rowing machine, cross country skiing, etc.

All these motions allow you to start for relatively long time and can be done in a way that gives a high pulse and thus train your cardiovascular system, which is the crucial system of performance in most endurance sports. You can also train stamina on the "Thoraxtraineren" there is a Danish-developed "Langrends-Machine", or by walking on a treadmill with a large slope = walk up the steep hill.

God råd, hvis du er skadet

  • Stop med træningen, så snart du mærker en skade. Få dage pause betyder absolut ingenting for din form. However, few days training on an injury can aggravate the injury, so the required break will be 4-5 times as long.
  • Undlad at opille nye, gem mål mens du er skadet. Trækker skaden ud, it's deeply frustrating to see his plan go into the sink. Det giver stor risiko for, at du trykker dig selv for meget.
  • Prioritér intensiteten i din træning. Running or cycling with the speed you usually, but work for a shorter time and maybe also fewer times. If the high intensity feels uncomfortable in the injury, you also need to reduce the intensity.
  • Do not resume training fully. The damage is not gone, just because you have not noticed anything for a few days. The damage may depend on its nature and extent, long after the end of pain or tenderness. Så træn dig op gradvist og langsomt.